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Fri 18 April 2014
hosted by vang

TrueTones (Regional Music)

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TrueTones Ecos EspanolesEcos Espanoles (Genaro Nunez)
TrueTones Espana Cani BoléroEspana Cani Boléro (Genaro Nunez)
TrueTones Corazon HispanoCorazon Hispano (Genaro Nunez)
TrueTones Espana Cani Bravo TorroEspana Cani Bravo Torro (Genaro Nunez)
TrueTones Rozbrackie Panny-The Rozbracky MaidenRozbrackie Panny-The Rozbracky Maiden (Polish Army Artistic Ensemble)
TrueTones Szla Dzieweczka-Went a MaidenSzla Dzieweczka-Went a Maiden (Polish Army Artistic Ensemble)
TrueTones Kaczyce-The DucklingKaczyce-The Duckling (Polish Army Artistic Ensemble)
TrueTones Gato Montez N°1Gato Montez N°1 (Genaro Nunez)
TrueTones Espana Cani CastagnettesEspana Cani Castagnettes (Genaro Nunez)
TrueTones Gato Montez N°2Gato Montez N°2 (Genaro Nunez)
TrueTones Espana Cani ThèmeEspana Cani Thème (Genaro Nunez)
TrueTones Entrance of the ToroEntrance of the Toro (Genaro Nunez)
TrueTones Lusheng DanceLusheng Dance (Ens.Folkorique)
TrueTones Rooster DanceRooster Dance (Ens.Folkorique)
TrueTones Qian nan si zhou IIIQian nan si zhou III (Di-Zi)
TrueTones Qian nan si zhou IIQian nan si zhou II (Er-hu)
TrueTones Qian nan si zhou IQian nan si zhou I (Yan Qin)
TrueTones Drum DanceDrum Dance (Ens.Folkorique)
TrueTones Jarabe Tapatio 2-Danse du Chapeau-Mexican Hat DanceJarabe Tapatio 2-Danse du Chapeau-Mexican Hat Dance (Groupe Ballet Mexicain)
TrueTones Cat&Mouse DanceCat&Mouse Dance (Ens.Folkorique)
TrueTones Bamboo DanceBamboo Dance (Ens.Folkorique)
TrueTones Fertility DanceFertility Dance (Groupe Ballet Mexicain)
TrueTones The Zandunga Marriage in TehuantepecThe Zandunga Marriage in Tehuantepec (Groupe Ballet Mexicain)
TrueTones Scratch and Pinch-Tan TzuScratch and Pinch-Tan Tzu (Ens.Folkorique)
TrueTones He Negra Christmas CelebrationHe Negra Christmas Celebration (Groupe Ballet Mexicain)
TrueTones Malva RositaMalva Rosita (Groupe Ballet Mexicain)
TrueTones Jesusita en ChihuahuaJesusita en Chihuahua (Groupe Ballet Mexicain)
TrueTones Adelita BAdelita B (Groupe Ballet Mexicain)
TrueTones Revolution-Hommage to the 1910 RevolutionRevolution-Hommage to the 1910 Revolution (Groupe Ballet Mexicain)
TrueTones Las Mananitas B-Mexican Happy BirthdayLas Mananitas B-Mexican Happy Birthday (Groupe Ballet Mexicain)
TrueTones Michoacan-Traditional Melodies from this Mexican StateMichoacan-Traditional Melodies from this Mexican State (Groupe Ballet Mexicain)
TrueTones Jarabe TapatioJarabe Tapatio (Ens.Instr.)
TrueTones Danza de los ViejitosDanza de los Viejitos (Groupe Ballet Mexicain)
TrueTones Guadalajara mariachiGuadalajara mariachi (Ens.Instr.)
TrueTones Zoldnierz i Panna-Soldier and GirlZoldnierz i Panna-Soldier and Girl (Polish Army Artistic Ensemble)
TrueTones Na Fujarkach-Pipe-SongNa Fujarkach-Pipe-Song (Polish Army Artistic Ensemble)
TrueTones U Mlynarza Marcina-Martin the MillerU Mlynarza Marcina-Martin the Miller (Polish Army Artistic Ensemble)
TrueTones Toque de MuerteToque de Muerte (Genaro Nunez)
TrueTones Las Mananitas-Mexican Happy BirthdayLas Mananitas-Mexican Happy Birthday (Ens.Instr.)
TrueTones Londonderry Air by KreislerLondonderry Air by Kreisler (Fritz Kreisler)
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