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Fri 25 April 2014
hosted by vang

TrueTones (Rock&Metal)

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TrueTones Dis moi bébéDis moi bébé (Benny B)
TrueTones Est-ce que je peuxEst-ce que je peux (Benny B)
TrueTones Vousêtes fousVousêtes fous (Benny B)
TrueTones Get up Get on Your FeetGet up Get on Your Feet (Carte Blanche)
TrueTones WordsWords (FR David)
TrueTones Can You Do itCan You Do it (Geordie)
TrueTones Crazy WomanCrazy Woman (Joe Dolan)
TrueTones Lady BlueLady Blue (Joe Dolan)
TrueTones Run to MeRun to Me (Kelly Marie)
TrueTones Never Ending StoryNever Ending Story (Limahl)
TrueTones Too shyToo shy (Limahl)
TrueTones Never Ending StoryNever Ending Story (Limahl)
TrueTones I Like PlasticI Like Plastic (Marsha Raven)
TrueTones Gimme Some LovingGimme Some Loving (Sam Ft Dave)
TrueTones Soul ManSoul Man (Sam Ft Dave)
TrueTones Soul Sister Brown SugarSoul Sister Brown Sugar (Sam Ft Dave)
TrueTones The Dock of The BayThe Dock of The Bay (Sam Ft Dave)
TrueTones Wonderful WorldWonderful World (Sam Ft Dave)
TrueTones Bye Bye BabyBye Bye Baby (Bay City Rollers)
TrueTones I Only Wanna Be With YouI Only Wanna Be With You (Bay City Rollers)
TrueTones I Only Wanna Be(Intro)I Only Wanna Be(Intro) (Bay City Rollers)
TrueTones Shang A LangShang A Lang (Bay City Rollers)
TrueTones You Made Me Beleive In MagicYou Made Me Beleive In Magic (Bay City Rollers)
TrueTones Flashdance Instru 2Flashdance Instru 2 (Irene Cara)
TrueTones High Energy 1High Energy 1 (Evelyn Thomas)
TrueTones High Energy 3High Energy 3 (Evelyn Thomas)
TrueTones ShyShy (Limahl)
TrueTones All RightAll Right (Mungo Jerry)
TrueTones Cruel SummerCruel Summer (Bananarama)
TrueTones Shy BoyShy Boy (Bananarama)
TrueTones High EnergyHigh Energy (Evelyn Thomas)
TrueTones All Because of YouAll Because of You (Geordie)
TrueTones AlrightAlright (Geordie)
TrueTones Le monde est grisLe monde est gris (Eric Charden)
TrueTones Never Ending StoryNever Ending Story (Limahl)
TrueTones No TomorrowNo Tomorrow (Orson)
TrueTones Buccaneers InnBuccaneers Inn (Battlelore)
TrueTones Chazad-Dum pt.2(Silent Caverns)Chazad-Dum pt.2(Silent Caverns) (Battlelore)
TrueTones Hunting SongHunting Song (Korpiklaani)
TrueTones Into Your LightInto Your Light (Leaves' Eyes)
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